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Getting started in testing eIDAS
The below is a translation of the post "Komma igång och testa eIDAS samt tekniskt ramverk"

   The post contains basic information on how to get started in testing the integration of eIDAS and the Swedish E-identification Board technical framework. 


   The Swedish E-identification Board is establishing an infrastructure to integrate cross-border identity services (eIDAS). For Swedish e-services, eIDAS signifies that persons with foreign e-credentials (as notified to the EU Commission) will be able to authenticate themselves in Swedish e-services from September 2018 under Swedish law.
   This infrastructure will also enable persons with Swedish e-credentials notified to the EU to use these for authentication to foreign e-services.
   Central to this infrastructure is a SAML 2.0 metadata service where approved services are registered. E-services registered in the federation metadata service can then request authentication from registered Identity Providers (IdPs), including the eIDAS connector that handles authentication with foreign eID.
Technical Framework

   Technical Framework https://github.com/elegnamnden/technical-framework is a collection of technical specifications for authentication and signing that all services registered in the federation metadata must follow. These requirements govern both authentication with foreign e-credentials and authentication with Swedish e-credentials between affiliated services.
   A major advantage of applying the same technical specifications for national as well as international authentication and signing is that integration for e-services becomes simpler and more cost effective while opening up for healthy competition between actors who need to comply with general specifications.

eidasweb.se is a web site with a compilation of links to services and resources. 

Getting Started for E-Services

   Service Providers that want to test authentication with eIDAS and national e-credentials must register their e-services in the federation metadata.
   The metadata service available for testing is currently here: https://eid.svelegtest.se/mdreg/loginHere, you will find instructions on how to apply for accessing metadata for your own services. This test resource is complemented with an official QA environment.
   Once metadata for your e-service has been registered, you can try out existing authentication services. Authentication services registered here may be in different stages of maturity where some work as intended and follow technical frameworks, while others do not work at all. To facilitate testing, Swedish E-identification Board authentication services are available here as a reference. These services, including eIDAS nodes and signature services, are constantly updated to meet the requirements of the technical framework.

Getting Started for Identification Services and Signature Services

   Authentication services and signature services can join the test federation in the same way as e-services.

One important principle applies:
No real identities in the test environment

This principle is important in order to avoid requirements on data logging and data protection, etc.

Discussions and questions

   Discussions and questions about test infrastructure and specifications are primarily done through this forum.
   This in order to:
  • Enable as many as possible to take advantage of all questions and answers
  • Effectively organize different discussions and questions so that it is easy to go back and find relevant information from previous discussions.
   Everyone may not read the questions here immediately, but those of us who answer questions do so, so ask a question here and you'll always get an answer. Then, of course, anyone will be able to answer any question, or come up with additional questions.

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